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Follow Us on Instagram

In case you didn't hear we've begun more conversations on Instagram - come join us @sexymarriageradio Hop over and follow us to join in the Stories and Conversations. We also will regularly be posting tips and ideas to spice up your marriage, or...

Instagram Sex Q&A – Sex as a Commodity?

Instagram Sex Q&A – Sex as a Commodity?

Our Instagram collaboration with @christianswhocursesometimes continues (happens every-other Monday). What follows is last Monday's Q&A. Also, if you're on Instagram be sure to follow @sexymarriageradio Here are the questions asked, along with...

Instagram Sex Q&A – Women

Instagram Sex Q&A – Women

Our Instagram collaboration with @christianswhocursesometimes continues. What follows is part three of the Q&A hosted over Valentine's Weekend. Also, if you're on Instagram be sure to follow @sexymarriageradio Here are the questions asked by...

Dr. Corey Allan

There are many things that get in the way of the life and marriage we want to live. By discovering the natural processes of relationships, you can begin to harness the energy already there in order to have the marriage you may not have thought possible.

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"Well done folks. I discovered this podcast and shared it with my wife and all of my married friends. The best sex IS in the marriage bed. Amazing discussions. Extremely insightful, VERY real, and absolutely lit a fire in our marriage bed."


"You guys are amazing! I learn something new and can relate to something every time I listen, I can't get enough! Thank you for what your doing for the SMNation!!!"


"You are not grown up enough for this podcast, but you should be. Corey Allen will challenge you to own who you are and why your marriage is where it is. This show will change your marriage if you're grown up enough to look in the mirror."


"I thoroughly enjoy your program and the way you cover very relevant sexual and relationship information in a objective and non-judgmental fashion. I have learned so much. Yours is the best of the genre. I only wish I had this information earlier in my life and relationship."