About a year ago I came across an intriguing book title due to be published later in the year: The 100 Thing Challenge: How I Got Rid of Almost Everything, Remade My Life, and Regained My Soul by Dave Bruno.
I mentioned this book in our previous discussion about enoughness.
Upon picking up this book and reading the first couple of chapters … I was hooked.
This isn’t necessarily a “how to” do this type of thing book, although that information is in there. Instead, this is Dave’s journey as he attempted to break free of American style consumerism for a year.
Dave is a gifted writer who uses humor well. He also has many points that strike deep below the surface of your life – points that will make you think about your own journey in life and marriage.
I highly recommend this book, and thoroughly enjoyed talking with Dave.
Editor’s note: The video freezes for the first couple of seconds, just so you know – but the audio is fine.
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