35 things you probably don't know about me

About SM

This weekend I’m celebrating 42 years on this earth by camping with some friends.
Birthdays are time to reflect and celebrate life and work and family and love.
In honor of this occasion, I’ve updated an old post to share some things about me that perhaps you didn’t know.
1. My children are my heroes. I want to live with abandon and have an imagination like they do.
2. I was born in Texas, and have lived in Texas for most of my life – but don’t consider myself a Texan … even though it’s a cool state. Go figure.
3. I don’t really have a favorite sports team but I love sports.
4. In high school I used to wonder what it would look like to dip my finger in liquid nitrogen and shatter it on the table while in science class. Is that weird?
5. Turning 39 sucked, even though I thought I would be cool with it. My 40s thus far have been great.
6. One of my favorite movies is Under Siege. I’ve seen it far too many times. I hate to admit it, but I like Stephen Seagal in that movie.
7. I’d love to learn another language.
8. I’d also love to spend some extended time in Italy.
9. My sarcasm and humor gets me in trouble sometimes. Especially when I write up something I think is funny and post it on SM.
10. I’m jealous of musicians and artists. Especially the ones who can sit at the piano and play anything just by hearing it.
11. I have only a hand-full of really close friends. I do have a lot of people I consider friends though.
12. I’ve played basketball with the same group of guys for 16 years now.
13. My wife and I met when we were 13 and 15 (in the church youth group). We “dated” for 10 months before I broke up with her for no reason at all. I told her I didn’t want to date anyone for a while, then began dating another girl in the youth group a week later … not my finest hour, I know.
14. I watched Survivor for  4 years without missing an episode (thanks to them being online). I even sucked my wife into the vortex for a while.
15. From the first time my kids sat up on their own I’ve had an urge to tackle them.
16. Counting this past election, I’ve only voted 5 times in my life. Pretty lame.
17. I truly love that SM readers trust me enough to email me or comment about their struggles or share their life. One of my greatest joys is being able to offer some sort of help or insight that improves the quality of relationships for others.
18. I paid a bartender to write a paper for me in High School – once again, brilliant, I know. I scored a 50 out of 100 on it. Serves me right.
19. Being a waiter while in High School and College was one of my favorite jobs.
20. Most of the time, “organized church” drives me crazy. Too much time spent trying to play nice and not upset anyone rather than serving and helping people.
21. If I could eat burgers and fries every day – I would. I love a good, greasy burger.
22. I love to snow ski. Learned to ski when I was 6.
23. After I earned my Ph.D. I felt weird any time someone called me doctor.
24. In elementary school, I popped my friend’s tires on his new bike because he wouldn’t let me ride it. Once caught, I blamed it on a different friend. We both got in trouble – he actually had nothing to do with it yet was grounded longer than me. I sucked as a friend then; and still feel bad about that at times.
25. I didn’t like reading until 11 years ago. I hated it actually and couldn’t read more than a couple of pages before falling asleep. Now I read a couple of books a month.
26. I got a “B” in my last class in the doctorate program. It was the only one I got, and it was an independent study class.
27. I’m grateful every day for the love of a good woman.
28. I can’t stand bananas. I think this is because my mom made too many banana and peanut butter concoctions when I was a child.
29. I have a tattoo. I wished my wife would have got one as well, although I don’t know why I wanted her to.
30. My daughter is just like me. I love this and it scares me.
31. I love building legos with my son. But it’s hard to keep up with his imagination.
32. Gina and I almost canceled Sexy Marriage Radio less than a year in to the show. So glad that didn’t happen.
33. I’ve been going to the same Panera almost every morning for 6 years. So long in fact, that I even bring in my own coffee some times.
34. I have a great date night planned for my wife to celebrate our 20th anniversary at the end of May.
35. I’d love to travel the country in a RV and meet Simple Marriage readers. I’ll even buy the coffee.