Advantages of Couple Therapy Intensives

Closely spaced together sessions offer several advantages over traditional one hour per week sessions. Often, traditional approaches bog down and reach a point of ineffectiveness. You spend more time getting “caught up” each week than working together to reach your goals.
There are several other advantages:

  • The speed of the work – when therapy really starts to happen – is unmatched.
  • The format helps people stop “dancing around” and instead begin to experience the natural people-growing process hidden within relationship and family problems.
  • People often experience a “turning point” as they see their lives through a different lens.

This process feels and operates differently because it develops in a matter of hours rather than weeks or months.
The Couple Therapy Intensive approach is a powerful way to develop new (more accurate) ways of understanding yourself and your situation. Then it facilitates putting your new learning into action.
It will help couples, families, and individuals change entrenched ways of relating and become better “grown up” (more resilient and adaptable).
Even when a client works on their marital issues, the benefits often ripple through their entire life, family, and relationships.
Intensive Therapy sessions typically occur morning or afternoon during the week or Thursday through Saturday on selected weekends. Sessions are held at Dr. Allan’s office in McKinney, TX.

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