Ask The Readers: Sex Is …

Sex and Intimacy

With the great discussion taking place from yesterday’s inaugural podcast on sexual desire differences, and last week’s ask the readers being on sex and intimacy – perhaps it’s time to get down to specifics and deal with only one word this time.
Let’s start with a word that has a myriad of meanings … SEX.
Sex is everywhere.
It’s used to sell, entertain, and exploit. Situation comedies, soap operas, movies, commercials, music videos, video games, and websites often present a distorted view of sexuality that does more harm than good.
It’s all around us.
It’s part of our life.
It’s part of marriage.
But what does it mean to you?
So I ask you to complete this sentence:
Sex is …
I can’t wait to see where this conversation goes.

Photo courtesy @sahxic < twitter