Big Change Coming To Sexy Marriage Radio

About SM

There’s a community of people who began as listeners of Sexy Marriage Radio… then some became SMR Academy Members, as well as Getaway Participants. This group of people have been a vital part of what has made our little show called Sexy Marriage Radio all the more special to us, and to each other. We are truly a family – a family who listens, encourages, and truly cares about one another.
Before I talk about what will be happening in the very near future, let’s revisit the past a moment. Sexy Marriage Radio hit the podcast airwaves October 12, 2011 with the goal of speaking into a space filled with either “anything goes,” or “if it feels good do it” advice, or silence. Our goal has been to be a voice that advocates healthy sex within marriage, and give couples a safe, God-honoring space to find honest information to help their married sex life thrive. Since its inception, this goal has not wavered and is even more important today. Married sex is the best place for the hottest sex!
While the message of the show will absolutely remain consistent, the voices will soon be changing. While Shannon will be available to fill in on rare occasions as needed, she has decided to relinquish her regular co-host chair as well as all the other aspects of Sexy Marriage Radio. We would appreciate your prayers for God to guide us to just the right person to fill this seat. We’d also appreciate your prayers for Shannon as she shifts her focus away from Sexy Marriage Radio to invest more of her time and energy toward her coaching practice with hurting women and couples, Women at the Well 4-day Intensive Workshops, and her B.L.A.S.T. Mentorship Program for aspiring writers and speakers.
“I returned from my sabbatical full of energy for further ministry,” Shannon explains, “but I can’t help but notice that I have more energy in some directions than others. I have to pay attention to this shift. I’ve invested a lot into Sexy Marriage Radio the past 4+ years because I so believe in this message, but at this point, sense that I would be holding the show (and the entire SMR movement) back by holding onto the co-host position. I feel like it’s time for some fresh, new perspectives, and am grateful that Corey is willing to seek that out for the benefit of our listeners.”
What does this mean to SMR going forward?
I’ll answer that after I first attempt to explain how important Shannon has been and is to me and our community. Shannon has shown incredible integrity and character in how she has confronted and handled some of life’s most difficult choices and circumstances. She’s a professional in all aspects of her life, even when the foundations around her were shaken to their core she displayed grace, compassion, and tremendous strength to still care for others. As her co-host and professional partner for the past 4 1/2 years, all I can say is her integrity and heart can’t be questioned. She’s walked the difficult path in the public’s eye while maintaining respect and privacy for everyone involved. Words can’t possibly express the respect I have for her and the role she’s played in my life and our community.
Sexy Marriage Radio will continue to air weekly, answering your questions and discussing the things you face in your married life. The Academy will continue to offer a place for deeper community connection, additional resources, and exclusive content. And the Sexy Marriage Radio Getaway is still on and will be a great four days together in June.
If you’ve been part of SMR for a while now you know we’ve been through something like this before when Gina needed to move away from the show after the first 100 episodes together. You trusted me before to captain this ship and I’m asking you to trust me again to lead us forward into what Sexy Marriage Radio 3.0 is going to become.
Since this is a change in our current situation and it may possibly impact how you view your own involvement in the Academy or the SMR Getaway, I want to hear your concerns. If you are already registered for the Getaway and this change is a deal-breaker for you, please let me know and I’ll refund any money you’ve spent thus far, no questions asked. Shannon will still be offering her Women at the Well Workshop in Tyler, Texas June 18-21st as planned, and is still committed to transporting women from Tyler to Dallas on June 21st to meet up with their husbands for the Getaway June 21-24th.
As we venture into version 3.0 of our story together I am eager to hear from you. Each and every one of our listeners truly are vital to our show! It’s your feedback, questions, and encouragement that have propelled us thus far – and will continue to do so as we go forward together.
~ Dr. Corey Allan