The greatest human weakness.

"It's no use, we've failed." "If some things don't change, I want a divorce." "I regret to inform you but that mass we removed is cancerous." What strikes me about news like this is the wide variety of ways it is received by people. Why is it that one person will hear...

Dreamlining your life

Vast amounts of money are spent by almost every country in border protection, although I never could confirm how much Greenland spends. Regardless, border protection is a big deal. It will be one of the issues discussed at length during next year's presidential race....

Inside out

There are phases in life where it seems that things are out of balance. A sense of uneasiness just beneath the surface. Things just don't feel right. You often can't immediately put your finger on the cause of the feelings, but you recognize they are there. More often...

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