12 Characteristics of a Well Functioning Family

How well does your family function? Every family functions … on some level. But, at the same time, every family can function better. As you examine your family, it helps to not think of things as good or bad, right or wrong – instead think in terms of what...

Make your marriage a priority and your kids benefit

If there is one thing that will throw a wrench in married-life, it’s kids. Don’t get me wrong, kids are a tremendous blessing and source of fun and laughter, but they can also be whiny, energy draining monsters that can suck joy out of things at a the drop of a hat....

The resent-repeat syndrome

If you grew up in a family where you experienced injustice, abuse, or a sense of hurt, you’re at a high risk of developing a resent-repeat syndrome in your adult life. You may end up repeating a familiar pattern from your past or you may go 180 degrees to an...

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