Introducing My New Co-Host On Sexy Marriage Radio

Sex and Intimacy

On October 10, 2011, Sexy Marriage Radio launched with the goal of being a voice that speaks in to the void of information out there about sex within marriage.
The response from our listeners has been fantastic!
And I love the relationships we’ve been able to create together over the past couple of years. Thank you.
Sexy Marriage Radio also would not have happened without my co-host Gina Parris.
Gina provided a great perspective and voice for the show, but as with many things, our run came to an end at 100 shows so she could focus on some other projects and goals in her life. I wish her all the best and am grateful for her friendship and her work to help people experience the absolute best life has to offer.
But, the show must go on because there is such a need for good, uplifting, encouraging information on married sex.
So today, I’m thrilled to announce my new co-host for Sexy Marriage Radio … Shannon Ethridge.
shannonShannon is an advocate for healthy sexuality and spirituality, and author of 20 books – most notably the Every Woman’s Battle series. Beyond Shannon’s writing, she is also an international speaker and a coach who works with couples and individuals in their pursuit of sexual and emotional fulfillment.
Her journey to her current path has been an interesting one, and it’s what you can hear in this week’s episode of Sexy Marriage Radio:
SMR#107: Sexy Marriage Radio 2.0