Confined Spaces Often Result in Sexy Places

Sex and Intimacy

closetPicture this:
You are on a family road trip. You spend six nights in three different homes with two children on “vacation” to visit a dozen relatives. Each day is filled with activity and you can barely sleep at night. This is not exactly the scene of a romantic, relaxing time or a way to connect with a spouse.
Now imagine this:
A kiss with your partner after an exhausting travel day leads to more affection. Soon the spark is ignited. Your children have just fallen asleep in the room with you.   Your in-laws are up watching television in the room next door. Yet you are desperate to bond with your spouse. You look at each other and both want the same thing. You look around the guest room and the only option beyond the squeaky, noisy bed is the closet.
That closet is dark and small. It’s not your own and there are shoes, hangers, clothing, boxes and other obstructions around you. You cannot see each other very well. You simply have to feel the other person next to you. Silence is required so the act will go unnoticed. Fast is a must so that the children don’t awaken or that a knock doesn’t come to the door.
These challenges and obstacles only make the sexual desire that more aroused. This confined space is new and very appealing.
This was a real situation that my spouse and I encountered recently over the holidays. It was not planned; it simply happened.
We could not help ourselves.
Perhaps it was because it had been several days of traveling and we did not have the opportunity to be together. Maybe it was being in our parents’ homes and feeling like we were teenagers sneaking around, instead of the seasoned, married couple that we are.
Whatever the reason or true motive, it was hot – really hot, enjoyable sex for both of us.
My husband and I have since talked about this confined closet space and our quiet quickie for weeks now. We remember it fondly. Our minds race with excitement as we retrace our actions all over again.
That instance powered my brain, causing me to think of other instances where my spouse and I connected in compact spaces.
I remember when we first dated – how we spent hours kissing on his small sofa or inside my car.
I lost count of how many times we sat in a chair to make love.  We even keep one in our bedroom.
I realize now that being confined and restricted due to space can be a real turn-on for both of us. (I suppose that confirms we don’t have issues with claustrophobia).
In fact, I have often fantasized about having sex with my husband in small spaces such as inside an airplane bathroom and inside an elevator.
Cue the song by the band Aerosmith, “Love in an Elevator.” Picture the sexy music videos from the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.  Are you dreaming about the possibilities too?
The problem with those scenarios is that they are illegal and unsafe in most places.  I am certain these locations would be quite unsanitary too. Elevators often have hidden cameras in them.  As much as I love the idea of doing these bold acts, I do not wish to be arrested for my actions nor do I want to be watched on a video screen by a strange security guard.
I like my privacy and my integrity to be intact.
Still, our “in-the-closet sex-capade” was a good reminder for me: those tiny spaces can be excellent places to try. Less room equals the chance to be closer together. You become creative with your positions and your abilities to move as one.  There is nowhere to turn except to each other.  And that is a nice place to be.
I highly recommend it to others. The small things can be the most meaningful and often the most enjoyable too (wink, wink).

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