Growing in your current relationship

Relationship Design

Post written by Dr. Corey Allan.

Last week’s post, You’re already in the right relationship, generated some great comments and emails.
Apparently the ideas presented resonated with many of you.
I received several requests for a follow up that contains some concrete next steps or tips for taking the growing up process in marriage to the next level.
Unfortunately, there are no concrete steps that work for everyone, because as you know, marriage is not a one size fits all thing.
However, there are some principles and some dynamics already at play in every marriage that can be harnessed in order to help you create a marriage fully alive.
The best place to start is in the Simple Marriage Manifesto I wrote 2 years ago.
—->Click here to open or download the manifesto in PDF format.
Those of you looking for the next step … start here then let me know what you think and we’ll discuss more in the comments.
Have a great week.