Help Me Make Simple Marriage My Full-Time Job

About SM

I began blogging as a way to have a place to house articles I was writing for a small town newspaper. After a couple of months of posting each week, I fell in love with the idea of blogging.
Where else can you write about what you love and get almost instant feedback and discussion from wonderful readers around the world?
After a few months of weekly posting, I stopped writing for the local paper and focused more on writing for you the reader.
Simple Marriage was born.
Writing is the best way I’ve discovered to reach readers who are interested in experiencing more in marriage and life. While I still love doing therapy with people and couples in crisis, I love writing and teaching more.
Thus far, Simple Marriage has allowed me to write and reach thousands of people and assist them in their life and marriage, it has even brought a literary agent to my door (I am working on a book proposal based off the marriage essentials research many of you helped me with).
So here’s my next plan – I’ve decided to ask you to help me realize my dream of making Simple Marriage my full-time job.
There are several different ways you can help me.
One, continue to visit and respond to the posts here at Simple Marriage. An added assistance you can provide is to spread the word to your friends and family members. You can also help by sharing the content via Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, Facebook, etc.
Two, buy a copy of A Simple Marriage – my marriage book designed to assist you in experiencing more in marriage and life. Think of it as a book and workbook all in one. It’s filled with great information as well as exercises to work through as you design the marriage you desire.
Three, sign up for an upcoming seminar, conference, or online challenge. While the seminars and conferences are still in the works, the online challenge is happening in September with the 38 Day Build a Better Marriage Challenge – I’ll release more details about this in a couple of weeks.
Four, you can hire me. This can be for a couple of different things. Perhaps you are looking for a relationship coach to work with as you design a relationship you want with your spouse. Or maybe you’re looking for a speaker or teacher at your church or company. If you’d like to hear a sample of me speaking, you can here.
And five, you can give a donation. This will be the only time I will ever ask for donations. I am not asking for a payment for reading this site, I’m simply asking for a donation, and I am only asking for a one-time donation (or at most, once a year). You are under absolutely no obligation to make a donation – you can continue reading and there will be no hard feelings, promise.
However, if you feel that your relationships have benefited from Simple Marriage or if you feel that this content is worth something and you’re able to donate, please do (say $25, which is my suggested amount, but you can do more or less). Simply click on the button below. Thanks.

Once again, thank you to my loyal readers for helping make Simple Marriage what it has become – and here’s to all it will become in the future!

Photo courtesy DeaPeaJay