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Relationship Design

Simple Marriage has always tried to provide is quality resources that truly do help marriages – in all their various stages from Bliss to Crisis.
One of the most successful resources to date is the online course Married Life 911 (originally called Blow Up My Marriage). This is an at your own pace process designed to help you view what’s happening in your marriage through a different lens – because how you view what’s going on in married life totally determines what you do in married life.
Hard to believe but this course launched 8 years ago! And even today there are hundreds of couples who have reaped the benefits of this material … like this email I just received this week:

Hi Corey!!!
You may not remember me we only spoke a couple times and it’s been a while , almost 6 years in fact, since I found you online and signed up for the Blow up my marriage course. I wanted to give you an update and let you know that the skills we learned from you then, and still practice today, have kept us together. We have a strong relationship and are two imperfect people striving together in a very loving marriage.
Not only have you helped us, but I have shared with many others what we have learned at any opportunity that presents itself. We also have two daughters blessed with a two-parent, intact home. I am also currently pursuing a dream of becoming a nurse and the support of my husband has been crucial to my success.
I just wanted to say thank you again, and encourage you that what you do really matters and changes lives…….please keep it up! We thank God for you and pray that your help will reach those who need it desperately, like we did.
Many blessings and success to you and yours!
J. F.
p.s. The story you used about the old man on the journey who is met buy another man with a rope on a bridge really impacted me and I still go back to that periodically, thanks for sharing it!

If you are experiencing some troubling times in marriage – perhaps a change in your view will help you too!
Check out Married Life 911 here – now at a reduced price!