The most prevalent complaint couples bring up when there's a problem in their marriage is that they have trouble communicating.

This is a common belief in a lot of (if not all) marriages.

If you are in the camp that experiences or believes this, listen up.

  • Hear what your spouse is saying without over-reacting

  • Learn to speak more from the best in you

  • Be more clear in the messages you send

  • Live more authentically and better connected with others

Begin right away

He Said, She Said: Stop Talking Past Each Other and Connect on a Deeper Level is an in-depth eBook that will teach you a completely different way to look at and handle marital communication.

I'll give you the main idea of this e-course right now.


In marriage (or any relationship for that matter) you cannot not communicate. Everything you do and don't do, say and don't say, communicates.

If you believe this as I do, then the issue really becomes - how do you handle the message? Especially when you disagree or flat out dislike it?

That's what this book will teach.


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He Said She Said eBook
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To be clear, this is not a substitute for marriage therapy.

He Said, She Said will also be great for couples who:

• are constantly fighting

• feel like they're roommates more than lovers

• have tried traditional counseling but it didn't seem to help

• consider themselves a Nice Guy or Nice Girl

• are gridlocked on several issues

• or are stuck in routine and monotony in life and marriage

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