Simple Marriage Intensives

The traditional one-hour-a-week format isn’t for every couple, and it also isn’t the most effective way to address many marital issues. So, the Simple Marriage Intensives are offered as another path forward – consisting of three or four consecutive days of closely-spaced sessions in half-day blocks.

An Intensive has a process all its own, differing from conventionally-paced treatment.

Rapidly accelerating therapy allows some couples to get through issues they would otherwise bog down in. Couples with longstanding problems often have more opportunities to move forward and create lasting change.

An Intensive is not a “magic bullet.” But it’s a great way to make the most of your efforts, if you’re ready to buckle down and deal with long-avoided issues.

Read more about the advantages of this approach here.

A Simple Marriage Intensive can help you:

  • Stop pointing fingers and identify each spouse’s role in repeated negative interactions
  • Go beyond circular arguments
  • Give up defensive stances
  • Discuss loaded (shared meaning) issues
  • Take responsibility for change and make it happen
  • Build a satisfying relationship

Resurrect your relationship

Is your sex life asleep (and/or marriage), comatose or dead? Have you lost hope or desire to stay together? In many couples we see, one partner wants to end the relationship.

In others, both partners are burnt out, fed up, and almost ready to give up. Demoralization is a serious problem in many couples. The best cure for demoralization is seeing your efforts actually improve your relationship. This is where speed is important – because improvement creates hope. If you’re willing to do what it takes to change your marriage, the closely spaced sessions of an Intensive format helps you see the fruits of your labors. Approaching things through the framework of “marriage is a people-growing machine” can make you more resilient.

Save your marriage

Discovered that your spouse has been unfaithful in your relationship? An intensive is a great way to begin to recover and ultimately heal together.

While infidelity in marriage is a major issue, it can be survived. And it can even be something that creates a marriage that thrives.

Couple and individual attention

A Simple Marriage Intensive focuses on you as an individual as well as part of a couple. Individual issues are an integral part of this process, as well as the way your separateness plays out in your relationship. An Intensive helps you work on becoming a more mature and solid person, who can be a better spouse.

Opportunities for personal growth occur both in-session and between sessions.

Where do intensives take place?

Couple therapy intensives are held at the office in McKinney, TX on select weeks/weekends.

They are scheduled several weeks in advance to allow time to arrange travel, childcare, time off from work, etc.

If you have more questions about the Simple Marriage Intensive Therapy, email me at corey @ – use Intensives in the subject line.

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