Intention vs Action

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Perhaps you’ve heard about the Man Of His Word Mastermind Groups offered a couple of times per year. You may even be one of the guys who have read the articles about them, clicked over to the page that has more info about them, and maybe even taken the step to complete the Questionnaire to say you’re interested in hearing more.
Or, you are like the many more husbands who read the material and found yourself nodding along and thinking this would be an important step for me to take because my marriage is important, and so is my role in this life. But that’s where the action ended.
Oh, you feel better because you try to convince yourself that it’s important to take your life and marriage seriously. Your intention is pure. And since you recognize the importance of this and you intend to one day finally do something about it you breathe a little easier … for now.
Let me tell it to you straight …
If you claim something is important in your life and there is no action associated with it — it’s not important.
Intention alone means jack! It must include action.
Far too often we believe our intention alone makes us righteous and solid. If we say we disagree with something then our words alone are enough.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ~ Edmund Burke

Fact is there is too much evil in this world. And this evil is even happening in our homes, families, and marriages all across the world. Most often this happens due to the fact that many husbands and fathers have checked out of life at home. Their career may be rocking along, but home life is robotic.
If you find yourself nodding along again as you read but have yet to take action, what are you waiting for?
I’m not saying that joining a MoHW Mastermind Group is the only action you can take – there are many options.

  • Call up a couple of guys and begin meeting weekly to share life on a deeper level.
  • Join a gym and finally take a step towards your goals of health and fitness.
  • Get your family up and go to church this Sunday, go to the one you’ve talked about visiting for months.
  • Hire a coach to finally address that porn issue you’ve hidden for far too long.
  • Schedule a session with a therapist to address that chronic issue between you and your wife.

Or … join a Mastermind Group that begins in January.
Don’t just take my word for it, hear it from some guys currently in a group …

The ball is in your court fellas. What are you going to do next?