Married Life 911

Breathe new life into your marriage. The smart solution for making married life great, from the comfort of your own home.

A Radically Different Way To View Relationships


Your view of what’s happening in your relationship dramatically impacts what happens in your relationship. When you change your view, you change what you do, and things likely dramatically improve.

Know Who You Are

See your relationship laid out in a whole new way. Then discover an entirely different path forward.


Leave the Bitterness Behind

Discover a redemptive, forward-thinking perspective on the rough patches that have happened in your life and marriage.

Create a great cake of life

Learn how to design a life worth living and let your marriage be the icing on the cake.

Start right away

Married Life 911 is designed as an 8-week course, but you can work through it all at your own pace.

The course takes place in a secure, members only site. You are also welcome to email Dr Allan anytime you need additional support during the course. 

What Our Members Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our past members do the talking!

When I started this course my husband and I were living in separate parts of the house and preparing for divorce. We had tried other counseling with no positive results. My husband had no interest to participate and I was hesitant to work through the course alone but I thought that would be better than doing nothing. At the end of the eight week course, my husband and I are sleeping together again and working through our issues. We are discussing conflict more openly. I started this course hoping I could fix my husband but instead I have learned so much about my child-like behaviors that were damaging my marriage. I feel I now have tools to continue to learn to be the person I want to be in my marriage.

This class has been like a pressure relief valve – so far – in our marriage – taking a step back, understanding the blame game, etc. takes some of the anger away. Counseling was not working for us at all – getting that third person out of the mix didn’t hurt either.

For me, the final lesson pretty much summed up all that was/is going wrong with myself, my marriage and my life. Wow. I suddenly see very clearly where I’m taking the wrong turns. My whole life – my ideas for writing and business, my marriage, my sex life – had pretty much turned into “masturbation” – watching, doing things only in my mind, for myself, not “showing” anything to the world, avoiding rejection and risk. “Penetrating the world” is a very powerful image for me and my way forward. Thanks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this course work?
  • In depth modules available the moment you join.
  • Material is in both written and audio format, with supplemental videos as well.
How does this course differ from Blow Up My Marriage?

Blow Up My Marriage was the first online course we created many years ago, Married Life 911 builds upon this and takes everything to a whole new level. 

The similarities/differences of the content

Married Life 911 could easily be called Blow Up My Marriage 2.0, as it’s an updated version of the content. While Married Life 911 works through all of the same modules as Blow Up My Marriage, there is new material included in this online course as well.

If I’ve already gone through Blow Up My Marriage, is there any reason I should also go through this course?

Although the content is similar, going through the refreshed material will to allow the content to sink even deeper.

What is the schedule? Is there a certain time that I have to be in “class”? How much time will it take?

Married Life 911 is designed as an 8-week course. All the material is in written and audio, with additional videos to further enhance some of the subjects. Each module also has homework questions and activities to work through. The course takes place in a secure, members only site. You are encouraged to write out your replies to the homework questions in a journal or you can email them to me. You can work at your own pace and log into the class forum and read and post any time. There is no set class schedule. It will probably take from about two to three hours total every week for actual class participation.

You get to decide how much time you will spend applying the principles to your intimate relationship.

Is Married Life 911 still helpful if I have to take it solo since my spouse isn’t interested?

This class is tremendously beneficial taken solo or as a couple. Obviously, when both members of the marriage are involved, the class can be great for your relationship. But those who participate solo can still gain a great deal from this class. The better you understand how healthy, passionate relationships work and what it takes to create them, as well as the other forces naturally at work in every marriage, the more effective you will be creating the relationship you want going forward.

Let's get started on your relationship.

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