Going through REAL life with other REAL people

Sadly, there are no roadmaps for how to be a great Husband/Wife or Married Couple. But there is a way to be better. 


Don't go at it alone!

  • Husbands

    Create a life that's more solid, engaged, passionate and alive.

  • Couples

    Lifting the veil of struggle (and success) in marriage and discover that you're not only normal - but perhaps even extraordinary!

  • Wives

    Replace the pressures of perfectionism and overwhelm with roles and life with the relief of being real.

  • Jump start your relationship

    Get things moving forward again with the support of other forward moving people as well.

Groups begin regularly

Mastermind groups are powerful small coaching groups. Simple in concept – powerful in results

Join a group of 3-6 other people (or 2-4 other couples) who are also interested being better as a man, woman, or couple.

Married life can be hard. A Mastermind makes it easier
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  • Joining Corey's men mastermind group far exceeded my expectations. Through the group I have been able to develop much richer relationships with my wife, kids and others I engage with regularly. The environment created was safe and allowed me to have open discussions that have helped cultivate the relational improvements. I highly recommend joining a group as it was well worth the time and money investment.
    S. B.

Groups for everyone.
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Mastermind Groups run for 6 months, meeting every two weeks for two hours at a time. The meetings are spaced out to give breathing room, but not lose traction on our goals.

What Exactly Do I Get?

Your Mastermind group will keep you on track with top notch coaching from me and wonderful support from your co-Masterminders who share your goals and drive.

12 Mastermind Sessions:

We meet every two weeks for 6 months, with meetings spaced to give breathing room, but not lose traction on our goals.

We start usually two times a year. Each group consists of 3 to 6 specifically selected members.

You also join our exclusive Mastermind Member Group on Slack – a place to meet my other Masterminders and share and continue to support each other outside of our regular meetings. I’m in there all the time – it’s a great place to share our collective plans, thoughts and info.

Super Small Groups:

Unlike many other Mastermind programs, I specialize in super small group work. Each group has no more than 6 people (optimally groups are 3-5 people), so we all get to speak and everyone has a spotlight session at least every other session. This not only means more attention on your questions and concerns, but we’ll have time to drill deeper and create more compelling results.

I also firmly believe in capping out a group when it’s woven together perfectly. I never fill a group to capacity just because I can. Masterminds that are filled with people who aren’t matched for goals, achievements and speed to action will never be as satisfying as small, beautifully curated groups. This is why many clients stay with me for years (or return years later missing this special group dynamic).

The brilliance of a group is determined entirely by the mix. This is why together we’ll make sure you’re a perfect fit, if not, I’ll recommend one-to-one coaching, other programs or add you to the waitlist as your perfect group forms.

One to One Coaching:

We’ll meet three times just you and I:

Before the Mastermind starts: a full 60 minute one-to-one strategy session to get clear on your goals for coming months of the Mastermind. We’ll look at exactly which part of your life and/or marriage you’re going to be focusing on and where you’re energy is best placed.

Half way through the program: a full 60 minute coaching session to check in on your goals. The call will make sure you’re on track, super focused and make any tweaks to those big goals that are needed. This session will also allow you to absorb how far you’ve already come and celebrate the wins both big and small. Setting the brain up to expect success as normal is vital to rewiring yourself to become a goal achieving champ.

At the end: Another full 60 minute one-to-one coaching call to make sure you’re all set with your next steps. During this session we refocus on what you need to do in the coming months to surge ahead. We’ll go through your plan in detail, tweak where it’s needed and refine if there’s fuzziness so that you’re all set to build on your growth and successes as you go forward.

This coaching is exclusive to Masterminders: I'm moving towards rarely offering one-to-one coaching to anyone but existing Mastermind clients.

One last thought:

If you were to work with me for an equivalent number of sessions, without the help of other co-Masterminders taken into account,  this would normally cost you upwards of $3,000 – joining a Mastermind Group is less than half the cost!

  • I'm a 52 year old guy, married 25 years with three kids, and a vibrant professional career. The men's mastermind weekend was a life changing event. I needed the camaraderie and shared vulnerability to spur me forward in being an even better husband and father.
    J. D.

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