SMR Mini Conferences

Two, 2 day live conferences with Dr Allan


We are hosting 2, LIVE conferences in McKinney Tx and we want you to join us.

LIVE 2-Day Mini-Conferences To Create Passionate Marriages

These life-changing mini-conferences will be hosted at Christ Fellowship Church, 2801 Orchid Dr.
McKinney, TX, 75072.

And we want you to be part of our live audience.

We are recording our next 2 online courses to help hundreds more couples around the globe. To accomplish this we are hosting mini-conferences, on a Friday and Saturday, in McKinney TX. And you can join us for FREE (although you are responsible for your travel, housing and meals).

Our first mini-conference is February 4th and 5th.
Working title … The Desire Course (or I Love You But Don’t Tell Me What To Do)

Followed by our second on March 25th and 26th.
Working title … Sexual Intimacy (or How You Do Sex Is How You Do Life)

Come for one or the other – or both!


These mini-conferences (also called courses since the material is being recorded to produce two online courses) fit together – but you can attend one or the other if time will only allow you pick one.

The Desire Course will teach you how to overcome challenges in your emotional and mental connection, the Sexual Intimacy Course will address barriers to an authentic and fulfilling sexual relationship for the both of you.

Here’s a little more about each mini-conference:

Desire Course
Learn to understand and change difficult relationship dynamics that interfere with marital happiness and intimacy.

Session 1: There is a Way Things Work
Session 2: Desire Killers
Session 3: Intimacy, Self-Esteem and Character
Session 4: Boundaries and Self-Confrontation
Session 5: Speaking and Listening
Session 6: The Art of Gratitude and Loving

By joining this mini-conference and working through the materials, you will be introduced to a different way to view what’s going on in your marriage relationship. This will help you challenge your personal beliefs and behaviors that may be contributing to marital dissatisfaction and struggle.

This mini-conference will also teach you how to effectively self-soothe when upset, more effectively communicate as a couple in the face of conflict, and genuinely deepen your marriage connection. In other words, learn how to cherish and love each other better.

The Sexual Intimacy Course
The Sexual Intimacy Mini-Conference will help you to understand how to overcome common psychological and relational roadblocks to sexual intimacy.

Session 1: Is Sex A Natural Function?
Session 2: Roadblocks to Sexual Connection
Session 3: Growing Your Capacity
Session 4: You’re Always Having Sex
Session 5: Your Capacity for Sexual Desire
Session 6: Developing Your Sacred Sexual Self

By joining this mini-conference and working through the materials, you will discover how to see your sexual dynamics more clearly, understand your role in your sexual struggles, and learn how you can create a more passionate, authentic sexual connection.

You will also learn the relational bases of love, desire, and passion. You will discover more about communication, fantasy, pornography, the differences between men’s and women’s sexuality and how these realities can be used to create a freer, passionate, life-sustaining sexual bond.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do these mini-conferences work?

These are 2-day live events where we need a live audience to help create a better visual experience. While the audience will not be in the resulting videos, your presence and interaction helps enhance the quality of the content. 

Plus, you’ll get all the material and content since you’re in the audience. 

What other costs are there?

The mini-conferences are free, But you are responsible for any travel, lodging, and meal costs. 

Where are these happening and where can we stay?

The mini-conferences are being hosted at Christ Fellowship Church in McKinney, TX (2801 Orchid Dr.)

McKinney has lots of hotel options as well as Bed and Breakfasts.

What's the schedule each day?

On Fridays we will begin at 9 am – break for lunch at 11:30 am. The afternoon sessions begin at 1:30 pm and we finish at 4 pm.

On Saturdays we begin at 9 am and finish at noon.