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Perhaps you’ve already heard (https://smrnation.com/podcast/intimately-us/) but we wanted to be sure you know about a new resource we’ve just created … Intimately Us, the fun and sexy app for married couples that want to spice up their sex life & deepen their intimate connection.

It’s available now in the App stores.

It’s 100% clean – meaning no nudity, porn, crass, or raunchy material.

You can find more details here – https://intimately.us/ or keep reading…

A little more about Intimately Us.

We believe you can’t build an intimate & passionate marriage without great sex. We also believe married couples crave a fun, clean, and honest approach to avoid traps and misinformation.

All married couples need help in the bedroom department at some point! Your intimate life can get stuck in a rut with the same routines over and over. That’s why you need GREAT ideas and games to spice things up without the yuck.

Let’s face it, you want results in your intimate life that last a loooong time and that keep you coming back for more!

That’s why we created this app – Intimately Us, the fun and sexy app for your marriage!

This app is brought to you by a team that’s committed to helping you get the most out of your most intimate relationship. Pam and Dr. Corey Allan, the hosts of Sexy Marriage Radio and Dan & Emily Purcell, co-founders of Get Your Marriage On!

WARNING: Studies show couples who play Intimately Us regularly experience these symptoms:

  • feel more connection and love
  • have better, more fulfilling sex
  • laugh more often
  • are in a better mood
  • have fewer heated arguments
  • and holding hands in public.

Download this app to explore:

  • Exciting bedroom games you can customize to your comfort level.
  • Your Sexploration List to discover what you like and new things to try.
  • Spark that deep & meaningful conversation to build strong emotional intimacy.
  • Make your own sexy bucket list, record your favorite intimate moments, and fantasies.
  • Read dozens of articles from sex experts about how to build a fulfilling & healthy sex life for your marriage.
  • And much more!

Make your intimate life fun again!

Let Intimately Us be your guide that puts the little “extra” into the “sextraordinary” marriage you’ve always dreamed of!

Download it today in the App store of your choice or https://intimately.us/

Here’s to adding more connection in your marriage – and some spice!

~ Corey and Pam

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