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A conversation with Jeff Abraham, the CEO of Promescent, and how to create intimacy in marriage by being willing to address the struggles many men and women face when it comes to sex and life together.

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How do you adjust better with the seasons of married life and family?

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Transcript of this episode

Corey Allan: Welcome back to another episode of sexy marriage radio where straightforward, honest conversations take place about whatever’s on your mind as the sexy marriage radio nation when it comes to your life, your sex life, your marriage, your relationships, your parenting, your in laws.

Pam Allan: It all ends up mixing together somehow, right? All these different things we do.

Corey Allan: All seems to work off each other. So joined again as always by my lovely bride Pam.

Pam Allan: Greetings nation.

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Pam Allan: Really?

Corey Allan: Of things.

Pam Allan: So how’s that working?

Corey Allan: With how things are categorized. And so we are now in a similar category that’s kind of shifted a little bit, but we get a chance to climb up higher.

Pam Allan: Perfect.

Corey Allan: Because of the way the new algorithm runs. And so the more comments that are in there, the higher we can get.

Pam Allan: Yeah, help us do that.

Corey Allan: And spread the word that married sex is the hotbed for sex because it is.

Pam Allan: It is, I agree.

Corey Allan: It just is. So coming up on today’s regular free version of sexy marriage radio, we’re joined by a guest today.

Pam Allan: Yeah.

Corey Allan: So in the past we have had a couple of different mentions of a product named promescent.

Pam Allan: Right. So a couple episodes, there’s 4/21, lasting longer and 4/16, which was on premature ejaculation.

Corey Allan: Correct. And so after these two episodes, the CEO of the company that produces promescent reached out, Jeff Abraham.

Pam Allan: Perfect.

Corey Allan: And so he’s joining us for the regular version today.

Pam Allan: Yeah, we’re excited about that.

Corey Allan: Where he and I just have a conversation about intimacy and it’s a fascinating conversation to hear not only how did this company start, but more what’s the big story of relationships and being able to overcome the hurdles that we face in relationships. And it’s not a big product driven conversation.

Pam Allan: Yeah, this is not a product push.

Corey Allan: But it’s a great just talking intimacy with Jeff Abraham is our regular version and on the extended version of sexy marriage radio, which is deeper and longer and you can subscribe at smrnation.com. Pam and I are going to have a conversation about dealing with the changing of the seasons that come along in life and in marriage.

Pam Allan: Yeah.

Corey Allan: And so this springboards off of the conversation Jeff Abraham and I have. But also we’re going to take a little bit of time to pull back the curtain to what is Corey and Pam Allan in some regards on what’s kind of been going on with us and some questions in emails that have come in and comments that have come in in the Academy.

Pam Allan: Yeah.

Corey Allan: And so that’s what’s coming up on the extended version. So all that’s coming up on today’s show. Well, I want to spend a little bit of time with someone that I came across in the podcast world, internet world, man he just strikes me as real. And it’s a guy named Jeff Abraham and Jeff is the CEO of a company that we’ll get to at some point. But the main thing is, Jeff, I’m wanting to bring him on the show for a couple of segments just to, we’re just going to have some two dudes talking conversations about what are some of the plight of a man, I guess you could say. When you’re talking about love and marriage and intimacy and sex and all that can happen because in the quick conversations I’ve had with Jeff thus far, he’s worth listening to. And I think the dialogue could be really good. So Jeff, thank you so much for joining sexy marriage radio today.

Jeff Abraham: It’s my pleasure.

Corey Allan: And so, let’s just start with the whole idea of when you’re talking about married life and sex, that happens. The one thing that our kind, you and I, as males, we love, we get labeled with the, we’ll talk about it. But when there’s maybe something going on that’s too vulnerable, too scary, too uncertain, not working right, dysfunctioning, whatever. We won’t talk about it, yes?

Jeff Abraham: That’s absolutely a hundred percent correct. Being the CEO of a company that makes products that aid in intimacy, you can’t believe how many times I’ve had conversations with some of the users of our product that have issues and difficulties and I’ll go, well, you and your partner, how do you address this? Well, I haven’t really discussed it with my partner and maybe it’s because of my age being 62 or maybe the generation that I grew up in. I don’t understand how you can be intimate with someone yet not communicate with them about issues as important as the actual intimacy here involved with them. I mean, that’s insane, but it exists. There’s a feeling that sometimes if people have issues that they feel inadequate or shame and it keeps them from bringing the issue up and how do you address something if it’s left in the dark or if you suffer in silence.

Corey Allan: Well, and that’s an interesting framework right there. Just the premise of that argument that people will have is if I’m trying to have better intimate intimacy with somebody, but I’m not sharing some of the intimate parts of me. How in the world am I going to have intimacy with another person?

Jeff Abraham: Exactly. Think about it in this fashion. If you don’t have emotional intimacy, why are you even having physical intimacy? That’s the part I don’t get. Okay. Because to me, call me old fashioned or whatever, but you don’t get to the physical intimacy part until you’re emotionally intimate and you have that trust and that bond, so how could you literally be physically intimate and not be able to share what’s going on or what’s troubling you or issues that you have? It’s puzzling.

Corey Allan: Right. I totally get it because it is the whole package and that’s the thing that’s such the marker of what separates married sex from just sex in general is you’re talking about a deeper language. You’re talking about a an entirety of thing, not just an act.

Jeff Abraham: That’s exactly. Too many people and I think there’s two reasons that I think this comes about. Number one is the prevalence of porn in today’s society. So people have this absolute unrealistic expectation about what intimacy is and it’s not really about intimacy. It’s almost like performance.

Corey Allan: Right.

Jeff Abraham: Number two, I believe it’s a breakdown and the less religion that exists in our society today has people looking at sex as almost like a spectator sport and not as true intimacy, not truly as relationship oriented. I think that’s one thing that church and religion really stresses that you want to have physical intimacy in the context of a committed, loving relationship and because there are less people that are church going in because there are less people that are religious based right now that we’ve lost that feeling of it’s part of a whole relationship and look at it as almost like an Olympic event. Certain people truly believe that it’s this act unto itself. You meet a stranger and you try to impress each other by how good each other is and that’s what leads to lack of communication. You don’t really don’t know one another. You shouldn’t be at the point of physical intimacy yet.

Corey Allan: Sure.

Jeff Abraham: And so that’s why you have those barriers built up.

Corey Allan: And that’s interesting. I want to to steer just real quick on the whole idea of sex being a spectator sport because I think there’s a component that happens even in married sex where it’s called spectatoring, which is where one person, and we’ll just in this case take on the guy. He’s focused on performance more than he is the whole experience and so that’s spectatoring.

Jeff Abraham: That’s exactly.

Corey Allan: And we can even bring that, yeah, we can bring that into play even in marriage. That it’s all about, hey was that, did it culminate the way I wanted? Was this happened? Did she get this? And it’s like, wait, you might’ve missed the dynamic and the interplay between you because you were just focused on technique and form and performance.

Jeff Abraham: Yeah. The one thing is and one of the things that we’ve as a company tried to emphasize is intimacy is a couples thing.

Corey Allan: Right.

Jeff Abraham: It shouldn’t be the man going, this is how I perform. And the woman going, well if this how is I’m performing. You should never look at yourself as an individual. If you’re really intimate with someone, it should be looked at as the two people both trying to receive mutual beneficially results.

Corey Allan: Yep.

Jeff Abraham: And have both people pleasured to the maximum of your ability. And if all you’re doing is looking at your performance, think about it. You’re not even focused on what your partner wants.

Corey Allan: Right.

Jeff Abraham: And this unrealistic expectation, and I think comes from the liberal access to porn that is around these days, is that men have this expectation. They have to have a certain size of genitalia, they have to have a certain everything. And that’s absurd because to me, sex, good sex and good intimacy is like a pair of pants. How long does it have to be, long enough to fit. Long enough so that each partner feels satisfied, that each partner gets what they want out of it. And if you take it into a spectator sport, you take the emotional closeness out of it, you subtract that component. Then it literally becomes like taking aerobics or taking a yoga class or taking a spin class and it’s all about physical exercise.

Corey Allan: Right.

Jeff Abraham: That shouldn’t be what intimacy is about.

Corey Allan: Right. No, I completely agree because and that’s what’s so funny because I think maybe from the outset, early on in our conversation, Jeff, we need to at least get into the idea that there are multiple definitions of the word intimacy because intimacy does not always mean sex.

Jeff Abraham: Absolutely.

Corey Allan: Those are two separate things.

Jeff Abraham: Intimacy is a closeness. Yeah. Intimacy is a sharing and a closeness, and it’s being able to be vulnerable emotionally, physically, and having the trust in the person you’re with, that that’s not going to be used as a weapon or a tool against you that you can truly open up to that person. That’s what intimacy is all about. And you can have great intimacy and it could never involve an orgasm or involve sexual activity.

Corey Allan: Right. And that’s one of the things…

Jeff Abraham: And I think as a society, we’ve lost that.

Corey Allan: Yeah, and I think that’s one of the things that’s drawn me to you and your company is because the way you guys have tried to create and seem to be creating a product, products, a company that’s aimed at something bigger that truly is based on, hey, when we can be real about these kinds of things, we have the possibility of actually creating something more that’s not about just how are things working. It’s about how am I involved in my own life and in my marriage and in my sex life better and using the resources available without the shame that’s oftentimes associated with it.

Jeff Abraham: We have to get the shame out of the equation because believe it or not, even though it’s 2019 in some ways the pendulum has swung way too far with just the way that certain things are accessible even to youngsters. But at the same time, there’s still a puritanical nature that exists that we have to address as well, where there’s a shame. There’s almost like this stigma involved that you can’t talk about things.

Corey Allan: Right.

Jeff Abraham: Sex and intimacy is part of life. It’s part of life. It should be something that people can openly discuss and they can do it without feeling guilty, without feeling shame, without embarrassment. I’ve traveled to Europe many times and it never seems to amaze me at how much more open Europeans are about intimacy and sex than Americans are. I don’t get it, but it’s a much more positive environment. People can be much more comfortable with their sexuality and their needs in an intimacy nature. And the one thing that I always stress to people because I talk a lot to people that use our product and in some cases are spouses, that type of stuff, because I always encourage when I have these dialogues is I want to talk to both people. And I always tell people that you can literally take care of yourself the best way from an intimacy standpoint by making sure your partners satisfied. Because if you take the focus off of you, you had mentioned before where people are always self focused, their own performance, their own desires, their own satisfaction.

Corey Allan: Right.

Jeff Abraham: If you really focus on your partner and you please your partner, trust me, that partner is going to make sure that you are doubly pleasure. You know what I mean?

Corey Allan: Right.

Jeff Abraham: Because it leads to someone literally saying, “Wow, I want you to feel the same pleasure you’re giving me.” So by literally being unselfish, you can guarantee yourself much more pleasure that you can by being selfish, if that makes sense. And you’ll have much longer lasting and better relationships.

Corey Allan: Sure. Okay. And so one of the things that comes up, because we’ve talked about, what it is, the way we found each other, I’ll just tell the sexy marriage radio nation this, the way we found each other is I’ve mentioned in past episodes that one of the products you have, which is promescent. And it is designed to help desensitize, you’re going to have to probably fill in some holes on this because you would be an expert with this. But let me give you my layman’s terms of what I understand with it is that it’s really aimed at helping with premature ejaculation and also just the experience of lasting longer. It’s a topical spray that goes on the tip of the penis that helps desensitize a little bit. It’s absorbed well so it does not pass to your partner in their vagina, which desensitizes them. And that changes the whole ball game because most women don’t want desensitization there.

Jeff Abraham: No, absolutely.

Corey Allan: So because of our mentioning it, which is via a conversation Ian Kerner brought up on an episode of sexy marriage radio and then we’ve mentioned it in the past and now we’ve got you on the air and just so the sexy marriage radio nation knows what we’re talking about. That’s what we’re talking about.

Jeff Abraham: Yeah. Let me fill in a couple gaps just real quickly. We found you on a Google alert because Ian who is a very strong supporter of ours and he found the efficacy to be very good and some of his patients told him how well it worked. He got in touch with us. So we have a Google alert on promescent and Ian Kerner and it came up, we’re like, Whoa. So we listened to a couple of the podcasts and we go, this aligns very closely to we want to do, which was bring it to couples in a very classic but also informative nature. When you say that we don’t transfer, there have been other products that were similar [inaudible 00:15:33] in the past.

Jeff Abraham: And the issue, and this is what we need people to understand, is we have a patented formula that is eutectic. Eutectic means we change the crystal and structure of lidocaine from a solid to an oil aqueous solution. When it does that, it penetrates the dermis or outer layer of the skin. So it goes subdermal, meaning the man still has a higher degree of surface sensitivity. And after applying it, you wait eight minutes, eight to 10 minutes, and it doesn’t transfer to the female partner because let’s face it, you still want to feel the pleasure.

Corey Allan: Yeah.

Jeff Abraham: If you’re numb and your partners numb and you go, I lasted for you know, 20, 25 minutes, but it felt like we were taking aerobics. No one felt anything. That kind of defeats the purpose. So you still want to feel the pleasure and you want to feel, the great feeling that intimacy is, but at the same time, and here’s one thing that’s very important that people don’t understand. Let’s step out of the realm of premature ejaculation. Let’s talk about the normal average adult male.

Corey Allan: Okay.

Jeff Abraham: This is someone has no issues. The average normal, healthy adult male lasts five minutes and 42 seconds of actual penetration or thrusting during intercourse. The average female takes 18 minutes to achieve climax through intercourse.

Corey Allan: Right.

Jeff Abraham: So Ian Kerner, Dr. Laura Berman, people like that will tell you, that’s called the arousal gap. Even in healthy couples, there exists this gap between a man having a satisfactory experience in intimacy and a woman achieving climax.

Corey Allan: Right. Right.

Jeff Abraham: So that’s why there’s 10 trillion vibrators in the world. Guys, stop, start, think about baseball scores.

Corey Allan: Yeah.

Jeff Abraham: All these kinds of things. And guys that will tell you they have this little guy on their shoulder going, “Oh, please, please, oh, I hope she doesn’t get on top.” Those are all issues that people just assume that you have to deal with all those little idiosyncrasies that happen during intimacy. So the founder of this company decided, this was in 2009, he was a urologist at Hoag hospital in Newport Beach. That when people come to see him for ED, he had Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Trimix injections, all kinds of things. They came to see him for prostate issues, he had four to five solutions. They came to see him for incontinence, he had four to five solutions. They come to see him for PE, it’d be like, “Hey, you’re on your own.”

Corey Allan: Right.

Jeff Abraham: Either that you get numbed up and no one feels anything. So he developed this product and we’ve grown substantially and we continue to grow because this product has good efficacy and it works. But we’ve tried to differentiate ourselves to be a couples therapy and you see even the names, I wish I was making this up, the other products that are out there, Stud 100, Do me long and hard. Those are actual names of products. That’s so distasteful. It’s because it has this caveman chest beating kind of image of, well, let me hop on you and pound away. This isn’t what this is about. This is about getting couples to achieve a higher degree of intimacy and have better intimacy.

Corey Allan: Right.

Jeff Abraham: And so we’ve taken that approach and we try to align ourselves with the Ian Kerners of the world. People like yourself that have measured intelligent conversations with people truly looking to have better intimacy. So this is our lifeblood. This is how we reach people that truly need our products. So we’re very appreciative for opportunities like this.

Corey Allan: Absolutely. And that’s what makes the whole world better. I think if we can all connect on a deeper level, specifically in our marriages, man, everything else…

Jeff Abraham: Yes.

Corey Allan: Just gets in such better balance.

Jeff Abraham: Well, I’ll tell you this, and this is just reality. Even when you’re in a deeply, highly committed relationship in a spiritually based and you both live the right way and do the right things. Can anyone really tell me that the marriage isn’t taken to another level by better intimacy? Or conversely, if there are issues or struggles in the intimacy area and they’re not addressed, that that doesn’t put kind of a damper on your relationship? I don’t think it’s real to think that intimacy isn’t an important part of any relationship. So in that context, it’s very important to address issues when they come up and to give people just like people want to be as fit as possible. People want to be as attractive for their partner as possible. People should also want to be as physically pleasing to their partner as possible and have the highest degree of intimacy and satisfaction.

Corey Allan: Right.

Jeff Abraham: So that’s what it’s all about.

Corey Allan: Right. And that’s the paradox right there, Jeff, that you’re, the way you’re framing it is, I think we all want the deeper intimacy in life. I think that’s kind of a human state of things.

Jeff Abraham: Yes.

Corey Allan: But yet what I don’t recognize is my ability to really taste that depth of intimacy means my willingness to be vulnerable about the things that could trip me up and get in my way and my shortcomings and my longings and my desires, where I start to expose all of that rather than hide it and hope that my partner doesn’t pick up on it.

Jeff Abraham: Exactly. And to me, we need to get back to a point in society where if you’re not emotionally intimate with someone, you shouldn’t be physically intimate. That’s really the key.

Corey Allan: Yeah.

Jeff Abraham: Is it should come from a point of strength to where you’ve shown vulnerability and realized it won’t used against you. You’ve shown vulnerability and your partner is accepting and even supportive of the vulnerabilities you have. Because let’s face it, everybody, when things are going really well and you’re on top of your game, it’s very easy to be supportive. You find out truly the depths of a relationship and the strength of a relationship, when you have struggles.

Corey Allan: Yes indeed.

Jeff Abraham: And you know that that person is there for you and the person isn’t just there when things are going well and they’re going to abandon you or not be quite as into it during tough times. Because in any relationship of any length, you’re going to have peaks and valleys and ups and downs and you truly have found a potential partner when their support and their love is unwavering.

Corey Allan: Right, right. When they meet your level of intimacy with theirs.

Jeff Abraham: Yes, correct.

Corey Allan: Yeah. I get it.

Jeff Abraham: You know what I found in my relationships is it’s crazy. And when you open up to someone that leads them to opening up to you because somebody has to be the first one to show vulnerability. Somebody has to be the first one to say, I hope I’m not judged. And in reality you shouldn’t really fear that and you shouldn’t be apprehensive about that because if you show vulnerability and it drives the other person away, why not find out sooner rather than later.

Corey Allan: Right.

Jeff Abraham: Because it’s not going to be a longterm relationship anyhow.

Corey Allan: Right. Yeah, there isn’t…

Jeff Abraham: I call that living in your fears.

Corey Allan: Yeah.

Jeff Abraham: And that means that you have this fear of being vulnerable or being real, will lead to rejection. Why postpone it? Why don’t you find out? Because if you truly want a magnanimous relationship, one that’s going to be hopefully, maybe even lasting the rest of your life or a significant portion of your life, why not get to the point where you realize and recognize that as soon as possible. So if it’s not, you can both move on. If it is, you can get to that higher level of intimacy.

Corey Allan: No, I get it. And that’s the whole point. I mean Brene Brown talks about that very thing of intimacy begets intimacy or vulnerability.

Jeff Abraham: Correct.

Corey Allan: Actually let me, I totally butchered that. Vulnerability begets vulnerability. That’s the phrase that she…

Jeff Abraham: Yes.

Corey Allan: And it takes one person to take the risk.

Jeff Abraham: But if you think about it, vulnerability and intimacy are the same thing. You can’t be intimate without being vulnerable.

Corey Allan: Okay. I’ll go with that.

Jeff Abraham: Because that’s part of, yeah. Because there’s no one that is invulnerable. There’s no one that doesn’t have certain areas of apprehension and certain strengths and certain weaknesses. No one, if you’re human, that means you’re a collection of strengths and weaknesses. And what you want to do is you want to find someone that really admires the strengths that you have. You want to find someone that truly, the strengths that you have are things that are critical to them and may be some of the vulnerabilities or weaknesses you have aren’t that important to the other person. And they’re certainly willing or able to overlook them.

Corey Allan: Right.

Jeff Abraham: And that’s what it’s about when you look for a partner. The things that they excel at are things that are important to you and maybe some of the weaknesses they have aren’t really an issue for you.

Corey Allan: Oh, absolutely. Because I think that that’s where we all become better and it’s truly is the whole like we believe here at sexy marriage radio, marriage is designed to help us grow up. So it’s not to complete us like Hollywood and Jerry McGuire would say. It’s about showing myself myself and how I need to grow up and evolve and continue to lean into life and the challenge therein and that’s how I create something even better.

Jeff Abraham: That’s how I feel when that line came out of Jerry Maguire, you complete me. I never understood that because to me you have to be a complete individual before you go find a partner and they have to be a complete individual and you come together in strengths because the two of you know there are other options but you want to be with that person. Just the phrase you complete me means without you, I’m incomplete. So if I would have never found you, I would have went through life incomplete.

Corey Allan: Not at all.

Jeff Abraham: Maybe I was too deep in analyzing that, but I went, wait a second.

Corey Allan: No, not at all.

Jeff Abraham: You know what I mean? It sounded good as a line, but upon closer examination, whoa.

Corey Allan: So Jeff, we’ve talked about your company a little bit. I want the sexy marriage radio nation to know how do they find what it is that you guys do because you offer a great service that needs to be taken advantage of, especially when needed and beneficial as a resource in your marriage because it’s not something to shy away from.

Jeff Abraham: We have a website. It’s www.promescent.com. We also have many retail outlets, and if you go there and you’d rather, instead of buying it on a website, you’d rather buy it from a retail outlet. Then you can plug in your zip code. It’ll show you all of the pharmacies in your area that carry it. Some are national chains, some are local chains. We’re also on Amazon. We’re the number one bestselling sexual enhancement product on Amazon and we’re obviously very proud of that. We’re on walmart.com. But the best place to start because there’s a lot of educational videos and there’s a lot of information and the full line of products is on promescent.com. This company initially started as a delay spray and it was phenomenal.

Jeff Abraham: It’s the best of breed, it’s the best product on the market. And after a couple years in business, we found this is, you’ll laugh when I tell you this. I wish I could say I was a visionary and I was really intelligent and I had this vision, but a lot of people came to us and said, “Hey, could you recommend a lube? Can you guys carry a lube?” Because when you’re only intimate for 80 seconds or a minute and all of a sudden you go to 10 minutes, you go, well I didn’t think I needed to lube before, now I do. So then we started carrying a line of lubes and they really took off. So we had people then say, “Well I’m coming here getting my lubes and my promescent, we need some condoms.” So we developed a line of condoms and then a lot of people said, “Well the eight to 10 minutes that I spray on the promescent and I’m waiting, I need foreplay. So can you recommend a good vibrator?” And they go, “Why don’t you carry one?”

Jeff Abraham: So we went out and partnered with a company and developed a proprietary vibrator. We just recently added another line, which is another proprietary product which is growing exponentially. I call it a mini promescent. It’s called Vitaflux. It’s an endothelium product. The endothelium layer is something then your in your blood vessels that keep certain things in and certain things out. The bad things out, good things in. And this was developed at the University of Baylor medical center and it is a phenomenal product. It boosts circulation, which in turn gives you a better quality of erections. It increases libido, but it has many nonsexual benefits like it increases your ability to recover from workouts. And it has been a phenomenal product that we’ve added. So www.promescent.com has become this clearing house for intimacy needs and we’re constantly on the lookout for additional products that compliment one another and just enhance the whole intimacy experience.

Corey Allan: Well, kudos to you guys for for being on the forefront in some areas, but also just being willing to step in a much more wholesome, classy way to try to deal with this subject that it’s not just an act, it’s an experience with with two human beings.

Jeff Abraham: I applaud you for realizing that and one of the things that I have as a mission for our company, that we’re going to be an elegant company. When you go to our website, you’ll see the way things are presented. We have an advisory board of some of the top sexual urologists in the world, people like Ian Kernan or people like Laura Berman. And you see the way it’s presented and you see what we do. It’s just different. It’s all about intimacy. It’s not about sex, it’s all about couples. It’s not about individuals. As long as I run this company, that mission will never waiver. We will never get down in the gutter. We will never be about anything other than communication and couples achieving the highest degree of intimacy possible, but in the right way.

Corey Allan: Well done Jeff. I have to applaud that and man, I thank you so much for spending a little bit of time with sexy marriage radio nation today man.

Jeff Abraham: It was my pleasure. Thank you.

Corey Allan: And we’re going to leave it at that.

Pam Allan: Wonderful.

Corey Allan: That is wonderful.

Pam Allan: Yeah, I’m like what else to say? I hope you guys have a great beginning of September coming up here.

Corey Allan: Man. It’s amazing that the summer’s over, schools are in session and yet another season is changing.

Pam Allan: Here we are.

Corey Allan: And so how do we adjust to make the most of this chapter? Let us know what you do. (214) 702-9565 or whatever bumps you have along the way. We want to be a sounding board to help. Well this has been sexy marriage radio. Wherever you are, whatever you’ve been doing. Thanks for taking some time out of your week to spend it with us. We’ll see you next time.