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Episode 3: To ask or initiate

Show topics: If you're interested in sex, should you ask or initiate? Different meanings placed on sex High and low desire differences ________ Got something on your mind that you want to hear on a future show? Let us know by calling the feedback line: (615)...

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Welcome to Sexy Marriage Radio

Hello. Glad you've stopped by. Feel free to take a look around and get comfortable. There are two shows ready for you to enjoy, with new ones rolling out each Wednesday. In the coming weeks all the shows will be available on iTunes as well as Zune and Blackberry (if...

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Episode 2: Differences in desire

Show topics: What to do with differences in desire in marriage Tips to use to improve your sex life Anxiety's role in life and love In today's show, Gina and Corey answer a question from a caller regarding some issues in her marriage. Interested in more information on...

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Episode 1: Why Sexy Marriage Radio

Welcome to Sexy Marriage Radio. Show topics: Why there's a need for Sexy Marriage Radio. Who are we What we hope to accomplish Listen to Sexy Marriage Radio below ... [smart_track_player url="http://traffic.libsyn.com/smr/Episodeone.mp3" title="Episode 1: Why Sexy...

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