Simple Marriage Facelift

About SM

In the six years of Simple Marriage’s existence, there have been several looks. But regardless of the look and feel of the site – one thing we’ve strived for through it all is to be sure the content outweighs it all.
With that in mind, I’m glad to let you know that has just gone under the knife for a facelift.
The overarching goal remains content and resources that help marriages move from wherever they are on the crisis, survive to thrive continuum.
There are a couple of things to take note of with our new look.

1. The Blog

For six years the blog has been the main entrance to the Simple Marriage community, meaning if you clicked on you’d arrive on the blog. Now we’ve moved the Blog to
If you follow along via email or RSS and seldom visit our home on the web, there’s nothing you need to change or do differently. If you regularly visit us online then you may want to update your bookmarks.

2. New Homepage

Our goal is to offer help and support to marriages from the comfort of your own home (and your own phone). With that in mind, our new main entrance promotes our offerings better.

What’s that … You Don’t Like It?

Now, don’t think I’m naive. Some of you won’t like this change. You may think this is the worst or dumbest thing I could ever do, and you’re looking for a place to say so.
Well – Comments are open.
But if you really hate change, stay tuned. Just wait until you see what we may do later this year. ;)