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What Our Members Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our past members do the talking!

“This is the sex education you have always needed growing up and never got. Because almost no one talks about it in a valued, non-preachy, non-judgmental way like this podcast does.I am so blessed to have discovered this podcast years before engagement or marriage was even on my horizon. They are still both over my horizon as I write, but in the past 4 or 5 years, this podcast, along with the Free Sex Podcast, have been the most instrumental things in the whole world in getting me comfortable and educated in talking about sexuality, biology, the sexual act, the differences between female nature and male nature, how the female body works (in terms of the sexual act itself), sexual attraction, shedding shame, guilt, and shyness, and just realizing that God made our bodies work in these ways, which means that It Is Good and wonderful.Next, this enables me to educate and bond with my own future children in ways that I never had growing up, even having a two-parent family and two siblings. Because of this podcast, what I will be able to enable my own children to do is to live a life of sexual self-discovery, free of shame and guilt and ignorance, and prepare them for sharing themselves with their future spouses in every way, and to empower themselves to address issues when they arrive.I got all this from a podcast called Sexy Marriage Radio and I am an unattached unmarried man. What can this podcast do for you? Listen and discover.

 Super Duper Yuper

“You guys are amazing! I learn something new and can relate to something every time I listen, I can’t get enough! Thank you for what your doing for the SMNation!!!


“Well done folks. I discovered this podcast and shared it with my wife and all of my married friends. The best sex IS in the marriage bed. Amazing discussions. Extremely insightful, VERY real, and absolutely lit a fire in our marriage bed.


“I thoroughly enjoy your program and the way you cover very relevant sexual and relationship information in a objective and non-judgmental fashion. I have learned so much. Yours is the best of the genre. I only wish I had this information earlier in my life and relationship.


“You are not grown up enough for this podcast, but you should be. Corey Allen will challenge you to own who you are and why your marriage is where it is. This show will change your marriage if you’re grown up enough to look in the mirror.


“Highly recommend! These guys talk about what couples secretly think and answer with accurate vocabulary, not euphemisms or veiled references that leave you wondering if you understood what they were trying to say. They have the kind of conversations that make us feel vulnerable, awkward, and embarrassed, but they handle everything with class and matter-of-factly. Even though they are influenced by their Christian beliefs, you can listen to an entire episode and not hear God or the Bible mentioned. Even if you aren’t experiencing the topic under discussion, the principles for navigating the differences inevitable when two people interact can be used in many situations. These episodes are great for conversation starts with your partner – the episodes help those conversations feel less uncomfortable.