Spring Cleaning…Your Pajama Drawer

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Post written by fashion and motherhood columnist Sherri Dickens of Edit by Lauren.

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when you start itching to clean out, organize, and streamline your life. Or, you know, maybe it’s just the pollen.
Spring cleaning is important. Not to mention, intimidating.
Some of us tend to procrastinate, leaving so much to purge that you literally don’t know where to start. And I’m going to encourage you to begin in a place that may surprise you:
Your pajama drawer.
Here’s why.
If you’re at all like me, you tend to want to swan dive into your most comfortable pajamas, the very MOMENT you arrive home. And while this is completely understandable and totally normal, it may not be the best thing for your marriage.
Or so I’m told. Ahem.
It’s not that pajamas are necessarily a bad thing, it’s just that our most comfortable PJs tend to be our least flattering ones. Combine that with the fact that your spouse may see you in pajamas more than any other outfit, and suddenly our PJs become a key player in our wardrobe.
When we look good, we feel good. So, in an effort to help you look cute even while lounging around in your pajamas (you rockstar), I’ve come up with some helpful guidelines for what needs to bite the dust. Or the donation pile.
1. Anything with a logo emblazoned across the rear. No. Just don’t. (Unless you happen to be 15 years old. In which case, you should probably ask your parents.)
2. Anything your husband wears on a regular basis. Including, but not limited to, his boxer shorts. Let ‘em go, ladies. We can do better.
(Disclaimer: I’ve been told that men’s dress shirts are entirely appropriate bedtime wear, and should be excluded from this list. I’ll leave that up to you.)
3. Anything your grandmother wears on a regular basis. Including but not limited to, long-flannel nightgowns, or housedresses.
(Disclaimer: If you ARE in fact a grandmother, disregard. You have earned the right to wear whatever you want, whenever you want. Also, you are amazing!)
4. Anything shapeless, baggy, or unflattering in nature. For example, my favorite pair of sweatpants have been with me through all stages of pregnancy, and are still with me now….4 years later. Yikes.
So, now that you’ve thrown out all of your pajamas (let’s be honest), here are a few suggestions of what TO wear…..and no judgement about how early in the day you choose to put them on.
1. This set from Old Navy is SUPER cute. Shorts are a great option for spring and summer, and these are both stylish AND comfortable.
Old Navy
2. I’m also loving this Target pajama set, with it’s classy, old-school vibe.  It’s comfy and still put-together.  Win-win.
3.  These pajama pants from J.Crew would be a huge upgrade from my baggy sweatpants.  And they look so soft! Paired with a simple tank, I’d probably even feel comfortable venturing to the grocery store.
(Well.  Let’s not be rash, here.)
Now, I’m not saying that cute pajamas will definitely improve your marriage. But I’m not saying that they won’t, either. At the very least, you won’t be ashamed if you have to answer the front door.
And I’d call that a win.