Surprise Him for Father's Day

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Fathers-DayFather’s Day is approaching up quickly – and what a great chance to surprise your husband, and offer him something he’ll love.
It’s a consumer world; we already buy most material possessions we want for ourselves and as gifts, but what if you gave the gift of an experience together?
By far, one of the most significant gifts you can give in this day and age is an experience you know your spouse will love. Something that impacts them in a different way.
Again, gifting experiences requires the same careful thinking and planning.
Is your husband really into gourmet cooking? How about a cooking class for a cuisine he hasn’t mastered yet?
Is he stressed and tired lately from work? What about a pampering session at a day spa (trust me, men love this as much as women do, they just generally don’t know it yet)?
Do they spend a lot of time at the driving range? How about an hour with a pro perfecting their swing?
But what about a gift you can give him as his wife, friend, lover? And a gift you can experience with him?
Here’s where the romance factor starts to skyrocket.
There is simply no substitute for spending time with your mate, and we already know that science has proven doing new things together as a couple is ridiculously good for your relationship. It floods your system with happy hormones that keep you bonded and happy.
For that reason, gifting an experience that the two of you can look forward to doing together is – in my opinion – king of all gift giving.
If you’ve been around Simple Marriage for a while you know I absolutely love Melt: Massage for Couples video courses – where you can get your hands all over your spouse in your own home night after night – it really is the gift that keeps on giving.
From now until Father’s Day (June 19th) my friends Denis and Emma Merkas are offering a great deal to Simple Marriage Readers.
They’re giving away the foot massage for free with each Melt purchase + they have a brand new payment plan of $22 per month for just 6 months and you get access to the Melt Video Series + Foot Rub Videos for life!
There’s a 60 day money back guarantee – because they want everyone to be absolutely in love with Melt. And if back rubs are just not their thing, they’re welcome to a full refund!
You can also use the printables as part of a Father’s Day gift this year – perhaps set up a hide-n-seek treasure hunt that’ll keep him guessing all day long. The more questions he asks, the more fun he has. Remember, it’s the mystery and anticipation that is the true hero!
Pick up Melt today!