Two Are Becoming One

About SM

two-piecesOver the past three years I’ve had two main home-bases in the online world, Simple Marriage and Sexy Marriage Radio. While each of these resources has a goal of helping to improve the married lives of all those who frequent the sites, it also means quite a bit of time is necessary to keep multiple sites up to date and running smoothly.
As each site has grown and expanded its reach it has become clear to me that there is quite a bit of overlap between the two.
Simple Marriage seeks to offer help for the main areas where couples often find difficulty: communication, money, sex, intimacy, parenting and roles, just to name a few. Sexy Marriage Radio offers a weekly show aimed at helping married couples heat up their bedroom in a good way, as well as offering ideas and solutions to the many issues couples face in their sex life.
It only seems fitting that these two paths which overlap so well should also be blended in to one site.
Starting today the two are becoming one, but only to a point. The goal of Simple Marriage as well as that of Sexy Marriage Radio remains the same – working to create marriages that don’t simply survive, but thrive. Only now both these sites have been blended to create a more simple, easy to use and ultimately more effective resource.
Thanks to the power of The Rainmaker Platform from Copyblogger Media (affiliate link), eventually all the sites I have will wind up under one roof. Which allows me to focus more on content, my new book and other resources and less on website updates and coding.
Plus, most importantly, this will place all the marriage help I offer in one easy to navigate location.
Put another way, you can find plenty of help for your marriage from the comfort of your own phone.
In married life I’m a big advocate for people not falling victim to the “two become one” thought process. This is what produces fusion and can be the source of many issues that may ultimately kill the relationship.
In cyberspace however, two becoming one can simplify things.
I know, I know, this is the whole do as I say, not as I do philosophy. 😉
As this change over occurs (which has brought on several issues thus far) please let me know if you come across anything broken or missing as there may be several additional glitches along the way.