Realize that you already bring meaning and value to life

I believe most women long to do something meaningful with their lives and to bring value into the lives of the people they love.

Far too often, wives fail to realize they already are doing this, or they are only one or two steps away from being able to do this regularly.

I also believe wives long to be valued for the meaning they bring to the world, and want to be loved for who we are. 

You are not alone in this feeling.

  • Face to face meetings

    Regular connections to generate forward movement

  • Breathe in some relief

    Replace the pressures of perfectionism with the relief of being real

  • Members Only Chat

    Real-time access to your group

  • Support For Every Step

    Feedback, encouragement, and help when you need.

Groups begin twice a year

Mastermind groups are powerful small coaching groups.

Simple in concept – powerful in results

Join a group of 4-6 other women who are interested in confronting the desire of being perfect and learn that by being more real - you already are perfect.

Life as a Wife can be hard. A Mastermind makes it easier

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Mastermind Groups run for 6 months, meeting every two weeks for two hours at a time. The meetings are spaced out to give breathing room, but not lose traction on our goals.

Groups forming soon.

Perhaps you have some questions

Is a Wives Mastermind Group for me?

I recently saw a Pinterest post of a rock painted with the words “You are enough.”

I am enough? Really?

Enough for what you ask?

  • Enough to bring meaning and value to my world without being overwhelmed and out of balance?
  • Enough to be valued and loved without being emptied of every last drop of self?
  • What if I put down the superwoman façade?
  • Will I still be enough?
  • Will you?

This group is not for you if:

  • You’re not prepared to get involved and help the others
  • You will lose interest half way through
  • You want every session to be about you and don’t really care if others in the group aren’t successful

New groups begin twice per year. However, we’d rather cancel a new group than take people who we believe may not be totally committed, which is why this is an application process and not just taking the first people who contact us.

How exactly do we meet?

Our twice monthly, two hour coaching calls take place online via Zoom (a program similar to Skype, only better).

All that's necessary to meet is a webcam, decent to fast Internet, and a quiet place without distractions while we're on the calls together. 

I've had Mastermind members be in their cars, the concourse of an airport, outside on their deck or backyard. Again, all you need is a place with good connectivity. Oh, and headphones to help keep things private if at all possible. 

What if I miss a session?

You’ll get the support of the group and we’ll miss you. But lets be clear there are no refunds for missed sessions – that’s to encourage you not to miss anything. Regular attendance is how you get the most benefit from the Mastermind.

We record all the sessions so you can catch up on what you missed listening to the audio file.

Also please add your goals for the next session in the private group on Facebook and give us a check in that way.

But of course I understand things come up and major life events happen. Just contact me and we can work round most things.


What if I change my mind?

I get it – this isn’t cheap, it’s a big time commitment and that can feel scary. That’s why I ask everyone joining the group to make an application, talk to me and then have a long think to be sure this is truly a great fit.

Committing to the Mastermind is a big step –  not just for you, but for your Mastermind group too. You’re joining a team of people who’ll miss you if you leave halfway through. Because, we truly are a team. We take time to learn about you so we can help with every step towards your goals. Sure, it’s you putting in the work, but we invest our time and concern in you. We want – expect, even – to see you as deeply committed to your goals as we are. Only fair, really.

Together we’ll plan, strategize and hold the space for everything you need to do to achieve your goals. Frankly, if you leave before the end of the program, it leaves a hole. We’ll miss you. Actually, more than that – we’ll have poured our love and time into helping you, and you’re letting us down if you give up early. We might even feel just a little bit cheated. We love you, we believe in you and we want you to do well, not lie on the floor sobbing that it was all rather difficult. We’ll miss your voice in the calls helping the group – your opinion matters to the group dynamic. We’re a team and no Masterminder gets left behind.  We want you all in. Just the same as we are.

So, be certain you want your goals. Be certain we can help you. Talk to me, to be sure this is the group for you and that I’m the right coach for you. So that’s why, I have very simple Terms and Conditions. Here it is:

No refunds

Yes, that seems harsh. But Mastermind groups work because the team are committed to achieving their goals and we’re all in it for the long haul. Be certain this is for you and we’ll be here for you through hell or high water. If you’re wishy washy – then think again. Commit. It’s the only way to be sure of achieving your goals.

That said, obviously I understand life happens and big things can sometimes get in the way.

So if something major comes up in your life, talk to me and we can probably work round it.  And by work round it, I mean, potentially slot you into the next Mastermind cycle, or perhaps slide you into another time slot if I can at all manage that. However, if it’s simply you’re not sure – or you’ve changed your mind –  then this Mastermind isn’t for you.

But if you are bold and brave and you really want to change things in your life, then step up and commit and this – right here, right now – is where you take the next big step to actually making that happen.

What are you waiting for?

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